About Daniel

Videographer / Editor / Photographer

  A recent graduate of City College's BFA film program, Daniel Skoldberg is ready to take the city by storm. He has been experimenting with the video camera since 5th grade and his craft has evolved into a multifaceted expression of his passion.

   In addition to focusing on a media arts sequence in high school, Daniel branched out with photography and one of his photos was named a winner by ‘Friends of the Arts’.  That same year one of Skoldberg’s films was the ‘Suffolk County Film Commission’s’ high school county winner.  Thus, after freshman year of college Daniel interned for the Suffolk County Executive’s Office of Film and Cultural Affairs which allowed him to combine his two loves - film and photography.  Taking photos of locations for film scouts broadened his understanding of the complexities of creating films and reinforced his current passion of concentration as a cinematographer.

    After sophomore year, a move from Buffalo State’s film program to City College’s film program was the result of a yearning to be in the city.  An internship with Humble TV in NYC opened up new pathways and again allowed Skoldberg to broaden his horizons by mixing TV/commercials into his film art!  Staying in the city for college afforded Daniel the opportunity to continue to work for Humble his entire junior year as he was going to school full-time!

    In senior year Skoldberg was involved in the creation of multiple films.  His sole creations were ‘Little Woman’, a documentary about the ‘Winter Garden Theatre’, and ‘Bit of a Pickle’, a film without a script - in which Daniel received the ‘Best Fiction Director’ Award from CCNY.

    Daniel currently resides in New York City, craving to contribute towards the film community by collaborating with others, offering his skills, and gaining experience along the way.